Flordia Dive Sites

Alachua Sink - Alachua County (cave, guided, map)  Isabella Spring (Black Hole) - Pasco County (cave, map)
Amberjack Hole - Gulf of Mexico (map) Jackson Blue Springs - Jackson County (cavern, cave)
Apopka Blue Sink - Orange County (map) Jug Spring - Columbia County (cave, map)
Arch Sink - Pasco County (cavern, cave, map) Jewel - Hudson (cave)
Beacon Woods - Hudson (cave) Joe's Sink (aka Joe and Mary's) - Hernando County (cavern, cave)
Big Dismal Sink - Woodville Karst Plain (cave, map, closed) King's Spring - Crystal River (OW, cavern)
Blue Grotto - Williston (OW, cavern, map) Knight's Sink - Tarpon Springs (cave, closed, map)
Blue Sink - Pinellas County (closed) Last Spring - Hillsborough County (cave, map)
Blue Springs State Park - (OW, cavern, map) Leon Sinks Cave - Leon County (cave, closed, map)
Buford Spring - Hernando County (cave, map) Lineater Spring Cave - Suwannee River (cave, map)
Bonnet Spring - Suwannee County (cave, guided, map) Little Blue Sink - Hillsborough County (OW, closed)
Cathedral Canyon Cave - Suwannee County (cave, map, semi-closed) Little Dismal - Leon County (map, cave, closed)
Cheryl Sink- Leon County (cave, map, closed) Little River - Suwannee County (cave, cavern, map, closed)
Chicken Farm Sink - Hillsborough County (OW, closed) Little Salt Sink - Sarasota County (map, closed)
Church Sink Cave - Leon County (cave, map) Little Salt Spring - Hernando County (cave, map)
Coleman Sink - (map) Lolly Sink (aka Nemesis) - Hudson (cave, closed)
Convict Springs - Lafayette County (cave, map, closed) Lost Forty - Hernando County (cave)
Cow Spring - Suwannee County (cave, map, semi-closed) Madison Blue Springs - Madison County (cavern, cave, map)
Crystal Beach Spring - Crystal Beach (cave, map) Manatee Springs - Levy County (OW, cavern, cave, map)
Crystal River Springs - Crystal River (OW, cavern, map) Matthew's Sink - Levy County (cave, closed)
Crystal Springs - Pasco County (closed) McBride's Slough Spring Cave - Wakulla County (cave, map)
Devils Den - Williston (OW, cavern) Morrison Springs - Walton County (cavern, map)
Devil's Sink - Hawthorne (OW, cavern) Mystery Sink - Winter Park (map, closed)
Devil's Ear/Eye System - Gilchrist County (OW, cavern, cave, map) Naples Sink - Gulf of Mexico (map)
Diepolder II & II - Hernando County (cave, map, closed) Nexxus - Hudson (cave)
Dogwood Spring - Gilchrist County (cave, map) Palm Sink - Hudson
Double Keyhole - Hudson Paradise Springs - Ocala (OW, cavern, map)
Double Spring - Hillsborough County (cave, map) Peacock Springs - Suwannee County (cavern, cave, map)
Eagle's Nest (Lost Sink) - Hernando County (cave, map) Rainbow River - Dunnellon (OW)
Edward's Sink - Live Oak (cave, map) Rock Bluff Spring - Gilchrist County (cave, map, closed)
Emerald Sink - Wakulla County (cave, map, closed) Rock Sink - Port Richey - (OW)
Fanning Springs - Fanning (OW) Round Sink - Hudson (cavern, cave)
Forty Fathom Grotto (OW, map) Sally Ward Spring - Wakulla County (cave, closed, map)
Garden World Sink - Hudson (OW, closed)  Salt Spring - Pasco County (cave, map)
Ginnie (Jenny) Springs - Gilchrist County (OW, cavern, cave, map) Silver Glen Spring - Marion County (cave, map)
Gordneck Sink - Orange County (cave, map) Sullivan Sink Cave - (closed, map)
Green Banana Sink- Gulf of Mexico (map) Sulphur Springs - Tampa (cave, closed)
Green Dolphin Sink - Tarpon Springs Suwanacoochee Cave - Madison County (cave, map)
Green/Snake Sinks Cave - Lafayette County (cave, map) Telford Springs - Suwannee County (cavern, cave, map)
Hart Springs - Gilchrest County (cave, guided) Troy Springs - Lafayette County (OW, cavern)
Health Spring (aka Wall Spring) - Palm Harbor (cave, closed) Twin Caves - Jackson County (cave, map)
Hidden Lake Sink - Tarpon Spring Twin D's - Hernando County - (cave, closed)
Hole in the Wall - Jackson County (cave, map, closed) Tarpon Bayou Sink - Tarpon Springs (cave)
Hospital Hole - Hernando County (OW) Vortex Spring - Holmes County (OW, cavern)
Hornsby Springs - Alachua County (cave, map) Wakulla Springs - Wakulla County (cave, map, closed)
Horseshoe Springs - Hudson Ward's Sink - Pasco County (OW, map, closed)
Howard Park - Tarpon Springs (cave, map) Warm Mineral Springs - Sarasota County (OW, closed, map)
Hudson Grotto - Hudson (OW) Wayne's World - Hudson (cave, map)
Indian Springs - Wakulla County (cave, closed) Weeki Wachee Springs - Hernando County (OW, cavern, cave)
Innisfree Sink - Wakulla (cave, map, closed)